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    Quality and
    maximum efficiency
    is our claim
    and mission statement
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    Know how
    in all areas
    of the beverage industry
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    We are a
    family-owned business
    dealing with
    about 230 employees
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    Know how
    in all areas of
    the beverage industry


100% carbon-neutral production

As an Austrian, family owned company, sustainability is a guiding principle and a firm company value. For us, sustainability means ensuring that the needs of the today’s generations are fulfilled without causing harm to future generations.

Therefore, we have been producing on a carbon-neutral basis since February 2017. To date, through the use of our in-house biomass power plant and an external electricity provider, which operates exclusively with renewable energy sources, 99 % of the energy is produced in a carbon-neutral manner, and the remaining CO₂ emissions are compensated by climate certificates. The project of maintenance of wells in Malawi is supported by this. Our brands as Egger, Granny's, Radlberger LIMÖ, Unkraut etc. are produced on a “carbon-neutral” basis.




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