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    Know how
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    Know how
    in all areas
    of the beverage industry
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    We are a
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Facts & Figures

We are growing continuously

In recent years, Egger Getranke has made significant investments in infrastructure and technology: a new brewhouse, a high-bay warehouse, an automatic pallet checking system, a new can filling line (in operation since early 2017) and extra buffer tanks for third-party beverages. For us, modern machinery is the key to ecologically minded acting and economic success.

Facts & Figures:

Employees: around 230

Filling quantity: around 400 million beverages per year



We have long-term collaborations with renowned partners in the beverage-related industries of basic materials, concentrates, flavours and packaging. The cost benefit we achieve through our group-wide purchasing power is obvious. We currently cover the following product categories:

· Children's beverages · Dark beer
· Energy drinks · Draught beer
· Iced tea beverages · Full-bodied beer
· Isotonic beverages · Lager beer
· Juices · Light beer
· Near water beverages · Mixed beer beverages
· Non-carbonated and carbonated sodas · Non-alcoholic beer
· Organic beverages · Pilsner beer
· Soda water · Strong beer
· Sports drinks · Wine
· Syrups  
· Wellness drinks  

Our customers can also bring their own filling material and we will bottle it. Depending on the quantity and nature of your product, we will find the most suitable filling process and container option.



Our range of beverage containers includes PET bottles, cans, glass bottles and KEGs.

The packaging sizes we use allow for all common formats for various usage applications. We also have a wide selection of packaging options: We can offer you 4, 6, 12, 18 and 24 packs, both printed and plain, as well as clusters, bottle masters, crates, wrap-around boxes (on request) and displays.

PET bottles

We were the first company in the German-speaking region to bottle sodas and water in PET bottles. We currently produce one-way PET bottles with PCO 1881 caps and 28 mm neck width. Our PET bottles can also be equipped with special features like sports caps, duo-caps and sleeves.

Facts & Figures


We bottle beverages in aluminium cans (if required, also in steel cans).

Facts & Figures

Glass bottles and KEGs

Facts & Figures

Filling lines

We have a total of seven filling lines, with which we bottle several hundred million units per year:

• 2 × PET bottles (1 standard- and 1 cold aseptic line)
• 2 × cans
• 2 × glass bottles
• 1 × KEGs

In general, the minimum production batch for cans is 100,000 per filling process; for glass bottles, 30,000 - 85,000 per filling process; and for PET bottles, 50,000 - 80,000 per filling process. In addition, there are many influential factors that must all be armoniously adjusted to create an economically attractive solution. We help our customers think through their concepts.

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