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About us

Welcome to Egger Getränke

Egger Getränke is an Austrian family-owned company.

Based in Unterradlberg near St. Pölten, about 80 kilometers from Vienna, Egger Getränke supplies all of Austria, large parts of Europe and some international locations. More information can be found in the export section.

Our current range includes:

· Children's beverages · Dark beer
· Energy drinks · Draught beer
· Iced tea beverages · Full-bodied beer
· Isotonic beverages · Lager beer
· Juices · Light beer
· Near water beverages · Mixed beer beverages
· Non-carbonated and carbonated sodas · Non-alcoholic beer
· Organic beverages · Pilsner beer
· Soda water · Strong beer
· Sports drinks · Wine
· Syrups  
· Wellness drinks  

Our business areas are strong brands, contract filling and private labels.

Short facts:

Employees: around 230

Filling quantity: around 400 million beverages per year

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