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    Know how
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    Know how
    in all areas
    of the beverage industry
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    We are a
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Egger Getränke is an experienced and competent partner to the food and discount retail industry. Our structures are lean and efficient and our employees live the values of this family company.
Quality, flexibility and reliability are all factors that our partners appreciate. Together with our customers, we analyse the market situation and find individual, customised solutions.

Organic Certification
As the largest Austrian organic testing organ, the Austria Bio Garantie is responsible for certifying and testing organic products in accordance with mandatory guidelines.

Organic products are the products that are tested most frequently and most stringently. This is the only way consumers can be certain that organic ingredients are actually contained in the products with labels that claim that the product is organic.

Our certificates are available for download here →

We were given the high-level distinction of being awarded the International Food Standard (highest standard for the food industry). This standard is for the uniform auditing of foodstuff companies.


Best raw materials guaranteed
The Purity Law of 1516:

The 23rd of April 1516 was one of the most important days in the history of beer. It was on this day that William IV. Duke of Bavaria passed the Purity Law that in parts of Europe is still in force today. The Purity Law of 1516 states that only hops, water and malt may be present in beer.

As one of the few breweries in Austria, the independent Egger Privatbrauerei upholds this age-old brewing tradition. We feel that there is no room in our beer for anything else besides “top - class hops, water clear as crystal, and the finest malt”.


We are proud to be the most awarded DLG-brewery in Austria.

The DLG, the strictest food quality test in Germany, regularly awards Egger Privatbrauerei products. Egger Märzen Bier has been awarded GOLD for the eleventh time in a row. The alcohol - free Egger Zisch has won GOLD for several times since its launch (status 2020). Furthermore, Egger Privatbrauerei has already been awarded the prize for long-term product quality three times (2017, 2018 and 2020).

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